Friday, September 11, 2009

Update: Asenapine and Iloperidone

A very vigilant and diligent person left some interesting comments on a few of my recent posts.

Regarding Asenapine:
"The asenapine FDA reviews are currently available but I don't know for how much longer. When FDA approved asenapine they did not include the reviews in the usual database for released reviews. Even if they are available in the future the way they published them is going to be very very difficult for anyone to find in the future. This looks very suspicious to me." -Salmon

Regarding Iloperidone:
"I've been going through the FDA reviews the last few days. It looks like this drug induces psychosis in a substantial fraction of patients resulting in a lot of problems in getting clean efficacy data in the phase III trials. Also it appears to be causing all kinds of precancerous lesions in a variety of tissues as well as blocking pGP resulting in testicular and uterine atrophy and dilation of the cerebral ventricles. Consequently Novartis dropped it. The 4th phase III study used to justify approval used a MMRM approach rather than LOCF this way they could combine the patients who dropped out due to drug induced psychosis with those who dropped out due to lack of efficacy and fudge a statistically significant result on the patients remaining in the study.

The medical officer recommended they turn it down so they had to but then it appears they forced her out had a meeting with Vanda 6 weeks later and magically found a way to accept previously unacceptable data. (They also lowered the dose range to 12 mg so they could claim they met regulatory requirements for numbers of patients studied for safety reasons even though there is insufficient data to support this dose." -Salmon

Here is some more (1, 2). Be sure to read the comments section of both posts.

And be sure to read his thorough analyses here (3, 4).

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