Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reader Requests

Since this web log has been active, I have received requests from readers about certain topics about which to write. If there is a topic in which you are interested an would like me to create a post on that topic, just send me an e-mail with your suggestion: MacGuffin Blog.

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Neuroskeptic said...

How about agomelatine (Valdoxan)? It's being pushed hard as the best antidepressant ev0r! - as effective as SSRIs but with no side effects.

Just like SSRIs were as effective as TCAs but with no side effects. Hmm.

But there were several "failed trials", and IIRC it is also very rapidly metabolised so if you take it at night there's probably none left by the next day...

So I'm very skeptical, but I haven't researched it in much detail. If you don't cover it, I probably will, but you're better at ripping drugs apart than I am.